Taylor Phinney Recovery and Painting

Recently I photographed Taylor Phinney for the magazine CycleSport UK. At the end of the shoot we had a little time where he was still painting and I asked if he wouldn’t mind me filming it for a few minutes. I just added a Sony FS7 to my gear and hadn’t used it yet, so it was a great opportunity to test a new camera with color, frame rates and recording formats. Some of this was shot in UHD and some of the higher frame rates at 1080p over the course of about 15 minutes.

Medical Video Production in Broomfield

We were hired to shoot a brand video for Regennex in Broomfield, Colorado. They are a stem cell therapy company that target common injuries and degenerative joint conditions. This video was shot over the course of one day and edited by Dave Klein of Klein New Media – the producer for this project.